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3Glav Adventures Review:  Lake Bled, Slovenia

Nestled in the heart of Slovenia is an outdoor paradise, more commonly known as Lake Bled. The breath taking mountain-meets-the-lake setting in the north west region of the country is an ideal place for adventure. Luckily, a friendly adventure specialist agency is set up just off the crystal clear shore line of Lake Bled.

3Glav Adventures (www.3glav-adventures.com) specialises in warm weather activies so is open from April until October every year and offer a wide range of activities, including horse riding, paragliding, segway tours, and their trademarks, the Emerald River Adventure, and Canyoning.

We were lucky enough to jump on to a canyoning trip on a gorgeous day in the Bled area. We were picked up from our accomodation by Bob, one of the canyoning experts who would be taking us on an afternoon of memories. After a short trip, we met the rest of the group, and another guide called Matt.We spent a bit of time getting to know one another, and getting kitted out with our wetsuits, harnesses and helmets, then we were off into the hills for a short walk upwards to the top of the river.
Once we were at the entrance to the canyon, we had a detailed safety briefing about harnesses and were given lessons on how to abseil and how to keep safe in the canyons. The guides were fluent in English, and gave time for the non-English speaking on the trip to digest the safety information given.

Once the formalities were over, it was a short abseil into the canyon, then a jump into the fresh water. Next, we were swimming, sliding, jumping, abseiling and traversing in the canyon in an experience which is sure to test the comfort zones.

All in all, there was one 4m jump, and two 6m jumps into the waters below, but also the option to abseil down the cliff face if you did not want to jump. There were plenty of abseiling opportunities, and heaps of awesome photos taken all around. The feeling of jumping towards a small target zone between jagged rocks is amazing, and does definitely challenge the nerves.

Once out of the canyon, we all received the congratulatory handshake from the guides on a wicked day out, then it was all about relaxing, and getting to float back down the river that we had walked up to get there in the first place!
Great things about this company is that they obviously care about safety, with great briefings before the trip, and not pushing people too far out of their comfort zone if they did not think they could complete certain tasks. The tour guides both spoke great English and both had an awesome sense of humour, which made the day relaxing, challenging, and unforgetable all at the same time!

Well worth the 55 euros to do this half day trip, and something that I will always remember doing!

Rating system

Would you recommend 3Glav adventures: Yes, most definitely
Overall destination rating: 4.5 out of 5

By: Jerry

Sky Diving Review : Skydive Switzerland

Having a bucket list is a great thing, it makes you do things which are normally out of your comfort zone....... For me, sky diving was one of those things that I really wanted to do, but when it came to actually booking myself in, I knew my sub conscious would tell me not to do it.

I was travelling around Europe, and came to a beautiful place known as Interlaken, with Europe’s highest mountain back dropped against rugged terrain in Switzerland’s adventure capital, how could I say no to hauling my ass out of an aeroplane high above the Earth's surface?

(July 2014) I met the team at Skydive Switzerland at their airfield which is about a 30 minute drive from Interlaken. The airfield is easy enough to find with a GPS and parking is available on site, although they did offer to pick me up from Interlaken which would be handy for those of you who don't have a car.

We signed our lives away and had a quick safety briefing by one of the instructors. “bend your knees under the plane, put your head back, hips forward”. It was all getting very real now.

We boarded the one way plane to the sky and had a magnificent view of the alps from above the clouds. The instructors were able to take photos and videos for those who had ordered them (highly recommended).

All of a sudden, the light for 'drop zone' came on, we moved forward to the edge of the plane, my knees were bent, head was back and hips forward, and with a blink of the eye, we were off. Free falling. WHAT A RUSH! The feeling of free falling is second to none, and nothing you would ever hope to imagine.

The instructor tapped me on the shoulder after 5 seconds of freefall once he had stabilized us and I was able to give a big thumbs up to the camera. After a while of free falling (which only seemed like about 10 seconds, but the video shows it was 35-40 seconds) the parachute was up, and we made a landing right by the runway we had taken off from. (see photos below)

The crew at Skydive Switzerland were welcoming and knew what they were doing. They seemed relaxed, but were orchestrated in all of their safety checks making it one of the safest extreme activities around. They definitely knew when it was time to work, and when it was time to play.

I would recommend Skydive Switzerland as a company to jump with. They have a great team, run good safety checks and adequate briefings, take awesome photos/video, and as one of the instructors reassured us, “if the parachute doesn't open then they have to do lots of paperwork and the jump will be for free!”. Nothing to worry about..... any questions just ask.

Rating system
Would you recommend Skydive Switzerland: Yes, most definitely
Overall destination rating: 4 out of 5

By: Jerry
Top Things to do in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Cheap hotels in Kensington are available in plenty. However, selecting one in haste may not be the best thing to do. You would need to assess your options on the basis of certain parameters like comfort, reputation, facilities and amenities, safety, availability of parking and so on. Once you find a hotel of your choice, the best destinations of interest in the Kensington and Chelsea area would be close by. Some of the best things to do when you are in this part of London have been discussed here.

Spending Quality Time in the Kensington Chelsea Area
Now that you have chosen from among cheap hotels in Kensington and arrived at an option like Hotel Lily London, it’s time to plan your activities wisely. Some of the best activities to choose from would include:

Heading to the best Museum: South Kensington is known for its gorgeous museums. Therefore, picking the best one you would wish to spend your time at could be a bit of a challenge. Some of the options include the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. You can also head to the Leighton House Museum which showcases stunning North African as well as Middle Eastern art forms. Other museums of repute include the National Army Museum, Carlyle’s House, the 18 Stafford Terrace and the Museum of Brands. If you have kids with you, these trips to various museums would prove to be informative and fun.

Spend some time at the best pubs: Well, since you are on a holiday, its time to relax and rewind. What better than to head to the celebrated pubs of Kensington for a quick drink and some great time. Kensington is known for its lively pubs and restaurants. Top choices to head to from your Kensington hotels London include The Windsor Castle, The Britannia, The Churchill Arms and the Imperial College Bars. Especially, the college bars could prove to be a great idea when the students aren’t around. With the students in attendance, the place becomes way too noisy.

Go Street Shopping: If you are looking for an illustrious collection of street shops for spending some good time, the Golborne Street Market should ideally be your pick. This is the place that provides a truly local flavor of this part of London. Some of the eateries here serve some delicious Moroccan food, which is definitely an added plus. You can shop and grab a bite in between your shopping sessions.

Head to the best Open Spaces: The best open space of Kensington is the Holland Park with its black rabbits and peacocks. It also has a Kyoto garden. Another option here would be the Little Wormwood Scrubs which also has an adventure park for kids as well.

Other Places to Explore
Some of the other celebrated destinations to explore from your 3 star hotel in Kensington includes Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Westfield shopping Centre, Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith Apollo, Olympia Exhibition Centre and Chelsea Stadium. Considering that there are several options to explore it is important to plan your trip impeccably so that every interesting element can be packed in.

By: Jeff

Top 4 Family Restaurants in Edinburgh
Do you plan to visit Edinburgh you your family for your next vacation? Well, it is a great place for holidays and business trips alike. With so many places to see and food to try out, make sure you plan your trip so that you don’t miss out on anything. From Edinburgh and Holyrood Castles to the Royal Yacht Britannica and the Museum, there is a lot to take in.

Even before you plan all this sightseeing, you will need to book yourself into a family friendly hotel in Edinburgh, like Piries Hotel, which offers the most comfortable stay and the modern amenities without burning a hole in your pocket.

In case there are any differently abled members travelling with you, check for disabled friendly hotels in Edinburgh as well.

4 Family Eateries in Edinburgh All set for your trip to the land of history and culture? Take a look at some of the best places to eat at affordable prices while you are here. These restaurants have a special way of catering to the needs of children and are a great choice to make your family holiday memorable.

1.      La Favorita
If your little angels adore pizza and you too have a fondness for Italian cuisine, this is the place to be at. There is an interesting option here – while adults can order from a menu; your little ones can eat at just €1 , which is donated by this restaurant to charity. So, eating here adds meaning and pleasure to your moments. This place is well connected to Haymarket train station in Edinburgh and Edinburgh city centre as well.

2.      The Scottish Storytelling Centre
There is lot more in store for you than extremely delightful cuisine here. This place comprises of the remarkable Netherbow Theatre and the George Mackay Brown Library. It is also the nerve centre of the famous Scottish storytelling network. The court is easily accessible to the public and plays host to a child centric exhibition. The cafe here serves scrumptious, homemade, nutritious meals, beverages and snacks, along with a special children's menu. You can go through the rich Scottish heritage and relive stories along with the enchanting meal, all at a one go.

3      The Spice Pavilion
When you wish to try something different and spicy, don’t look beyond Spice Pavilion at Dundas Street. Authentic and freshly cooked Indian food awaits you here. The lunch menu is a must try. Tickle your taste-buds with the unique assortment of spices here. You can easily reach this restaurant from Edinburgh Train Station.

4.      Frankie & Benny's
This is a prominent Italian-American themed restaurant that extends its theme to the ambience and a la carte menu. This place is famous for its incredible variety of desserts, making it a favourite among kids. This place also offers a good assortment of burgers, pizzas, and American and Italian delicacies. And your little devils are kept thoroughly engage through various activities like puzzles and drawings, till they finally get their hands on their choice of meal or dessert.

Before you can try out these delicacies, however, make sure you book yourself into a family friendly hotel in Edinburgh. If it is close to Edinburgh Airport and easily connected by public transport. There are several disabled-friendly hotels in Edinburgh to choose from too.

By Jeff:

Exploring Buckingham Palace like Never Before
Imagine a place with a floor space of 8, 30,000 sq ft. Yes, the Buckingham palace is a large castle.  It was built in 1703 in the honour of the Duke of Buckingham. In 1837, it was designated as the monarch’s official London residence replacing St James's Palace. If you are lucky , you can actually spot Queen Elizabeth II here , just keep an eye on yellow, red and blue flags flying. If it does, you might witness the true royalty. Queen usually divides her stay between Buckingham, Balmoral and Windsor.

If you plan visiting the castle, make sure you arrange in advance for your stay at cheap hotel near Gatwick express like St. George’s Inn Victoria or you can even book cheap hotel near Buckingham palace. Once, you are done with that go ahead with exploring the citadel.

A mesmerizing walk around Buckingham palace: Here is the list of the things you will discover on your walk in Buckingham Palace.

Courtyard ceremonies:
The ceremonies happening at courtyard of the fortress is a momentous experience. It is interesting to note that the dress code of the ceremonies used to be of utmost importance. After World War I, Queen Mary wish to infuse some fashion in the dress code, she wanted the length of the skirt to be bit shorter, stylish and comfortable. Just to read the expression on the king’s face, she asked the lady-in- waiting to try the fashion out, the king was mortified by the view and the queen didn’t dare to try that fashion again. Her attempts were materialized when Queen Elizabeth allowed this during her reign. But, today there is no official dress code; people just wear formal attire to match the occasion. You can witness throne room, ball room; there are lots of ceremonies like state banquets, investitures, reception of new ambassador that takes place here.

State Rooms
Every year from July to September, 19 sumptuously decorated state rooms with artworks are open for the visitors. The tour to state rooms is of 2 hour and you can get your tickets online as well as from the palace ticket office. The tour also includes the Throne room.

Queen's Gallery
This is a must watch area in the citadel, for it showcases the artwork from the royal collection, these artworks were once owned by the Queen. The collection is exhibited on a rotating basis, and approx 450 collections are displayed at any one instance. It was first designed by John Nash. You can visit the place by the entrance through Buckingham Gate.

Royal Mews
When you watch the beautifully carved royal coaches, your Cinderella fantasies come alive.  At royal Mews which is combination of stables, garage and carriage house, you witness the opulent site of the Royal British family. Previously, the royal mews were located at Charing Cross but now you can access the magnificence at Buckingham palace.  We recommend taking special note of Glass Coach of 1911 and Gold State Coach of 1762.

Thus, this fortress has a soul of its own and you must visit the place for once in a lifetime experience. Just consider booking a cheap hotel near Gatwick express for its exceptional connectivity or book a cheap hotel near Buckingham palace for its close proximity to the location.

Other place of interest having exceptional connectivity from London Victoria Station, Victoria Coach Station or through Gatwick express are Belgrave, London Aquarium  Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London Eye  and Royal Albert Hall. You can also plan a visit in these places.

By: Helen

What do you get when you mix together a South African, an Englishwoman, a croatian-born puppy and a whole sense of adventure? Natural High Adventure tours, that’s what. http://www.naturalhigh-at.com/

Natural High was born in the heart of Kitzbuhel, a town in the west horn of Austria which houses between 5000 – 8500 depending on the season. Kitzbuhel (or Kitz as it is known on the street) is a great hub for adventure, whether it be snowsports, paragliding, fishing, hiking, or more!

Natural High was set up by Debbi, Nicola and Willow (the friendliest puppy in the world) just over a year ago in the aim to give you ‘stories you will one day tell your grandkids’. They offer a wide range of activities, at a reasonable price, as listed below.

Mountain biking – they cater for all abilities and you ride downhill with all the gear and an experienced tour guide to help you on your way.
Canyoning – abseil, jump, climb and swim your way through some of the most amazing canyons in the area.
River boating day – take the two man boats down the river, stop off for lunch. Get back in and keep afloat!
Archery – a hike with a twist! While walking in the beautiful forests around Kitzbuhel, you get to shoot at targets like tigers, beers and even giant spiders!
Hiking – get lost in the woods and follow the tour guides to some great sights.
Tobogganing in winter – feel the wind in your hair, race your friends down the track.
The famous night out – self explanatory, they won’t let you run dry!
Plus plenty more options and accommodation hook-ups to make your stay simply awesome!

We were lucky enough to be able to meet the team on a sunny day in Kitz where we were welcomed by a refreshing drink, before tackling the hills around the town to walk up to a waterfall. The walk was beautiful and relaxing, although there were a few steeper parts, but this made the dip under the waterfall all the more refreshing when we got there. Debbi, who was taking us, gave us plenty of information about the area and looked after us the whole way.

Afterwards, we had a look around the town, and hydrated at some of the best bars Kitz has to offer.

Unfortunately we could only stay in Kitz for a day, but we have a great impression of the place. The friendliness and hospitality that the team at Natural High Adventure Tours gave us was second to none and we take away with us awesome memories.

Rating system
Would you recommend visiting: Yes
Overall rating: 5 out of 5

By: Jerry
Tips on Puerto Rico Bacardi Tour
Do you love Rum? Even if you are not a fan of rum, you still are sure to enjoy the Casa Bacardi tour or the Puerto Rico Bacardi Tour. You get to see the largest rum distillery in the world.

For Rum lovers, it will be a treat to watch their favorite drink being made. The Bacardi family has been conducting these tours since 1962. If you wish to go on a Bacardi Factory Tour, you will get the best packages at Go Tours Puerto Rico.

What Will You Be Doing On Bacardi Factory Tours? The tour starts with the history of sugarcane and the birth of rum making. It is followed by a movie based on the Bacardi family history and the rum making process adopted by Bacardi. The first ever distillery Bacardi was found in Cuba. There is a replica made of the original factory and you can take a tour of that factory. The place is full of old Bacardi family pictures, original bottles along with a part of the place that has different types of rum to smell. The next stop is a bar where a bartender shows the visitors how Mojitos and a Cuba Libre (commonly called rum and coke). In the next section, you can see all the old Bacardi advertisement from magazines. Last but not the least you will get free drinks. Booking your tour with experienced tour operators like GoToursPuertoRico.com would help you make of a Puerto Rico Bacardi Tour.

High Points of the Puerto Rico Bacardi Tours
These Bacardi factory tours are quite affordable, only the transportation and guide charges are applicable

You will get two complementary drinks of your choice at the end of the tour for free

You can send video e-cards from Bacardi factory tours to your friends

The whole tour takes around one hour of time. To experience the best of Puerto Rico Bacardi Tour, book your tour with top tour operators like GoToursPuertoRico.com

By: Jeff

Places to Visit near Kensington Station
Kensington Station is one of the most well connected stations in London and thus provides easy and quick access to several London attractions. Good connectivity from the station is the main motive behind tourists and business travellers looking for hotels near Kensington Station.


One of the wealthiest areas in London, Kensington houses a number of exquisite museums, beautiful parks and a wide range of department stores like Harrods. The districts’ good connectivity to the rest of the London ensures that hotels like Eden Plaza Kensington Hotel are highly popular amongst people searching for hotels near Kensington Station.

Major Attractions near Kensington Station

A major advantage of choosing to stay in a good hotel near Kensington Station is the ease of moving around. One can not only move around and explore various parts of London easily but save a lot of time. Some of the major attractions that can be explored easily while staying in the area around the Kensington Station are:


South Kensington is home to several popular museums, entry to all of which is free. The Victoria and Albert Museum displays a plethora of artefacts that are thousands of years old. You can see a huge variety of ceramics, furniture, fashion, jewellery, photographs, paintings and sculptures some of which are 3000 years old. The Science Museum is a highly informative place that offers you a lot of knowledge about the field of science and technology. Special areas have been designed for kids and teenagers. The Natural History Museum offers visitors a chance to look at a vast range of specimens from the various segments of the history.

Royal Albert Hall

Music lovers should certainly visit the famous Royal Albert Hall which plays host to the BBC Proms Concert every year. The place is also famous for its ballet, opera, rock and pop shows. Next to this Hall is the Royal College of Art which holds regular art exhibitions by up-coming artists and designers.

Greenery and Parks

Another reason why people prefer to stay in hotels near Kensington Station is the plenty of green space in Kensington. The area is home to two of London’s magnificent Royal parks. Located adjoining to each other, the Kensington Gardens and the Hyde Park offer visitors a chance to enjoy lush greenery and enjoy some fresh air. These gardens are ideal for picnics, walks and jogging. The parks are full of several other attractions like the Serpentine Gallery and the Diana, Princess of Memorial Playground.

The Royal Palaces

Another not to be missed attraction when you stay near Kensington station is the Kensington Palace, the current residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. One also gets a chance to explore the Buckingham Palace, the administrative headquarters of the monarchy of United Kingdom.

Hotels located near Kensington Station offer shopping lovers a chance to explore the world famous stores like Harrods besides shopping in various big time stores like Zara, Bonhams, Bayswater and the shops around the Earl’s Court Road. One can even shop around for some antique pieces at shops located around the Portobello Road.

A stay in any of the hotels near Kensington Station offers you easy access to the various London Embassies, the Madame Tussauds London Museum, Knightsbridge, Chelsea and many other attractions. The presence of a good public transport system plays a great role in enhancing the region’s popularity amongst tourists.

By: Jeff

Points to Keep in Mind before Visiting the Reading Festival

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley Heralded as the oldest and one of the most popular musical festivals in the UK, the Reading Festival is an experience that no music lover should miss. This festival is staged at Little John’s Farm on Richfield Avenue. The event takes place on three continuous days of the August Bank Holiday, i.e., Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The music genres that reign in this festival are indie, rock, metal, punk and alternative. This festival is driven by Festival Republic. This event has grown since its inception in 1971, and now entertains over 90,000 music fans every year.

The Reading Festival for 2014 is scheduled to be held on August 22-24 and is slated to be bigger than ever. The presence of John Bugg in this year’s festival has already made the headlines. “Free booze. Good music. Butt cheeks. Girls” is the description of Reading Festival by The Orwells, an Illinois-based rock band performing in this year’s fest. The tickets for Reading Festival 2014 have already been sold out. However, when music fans gather from all over the globe, it is difficult to find places to stay in town. This is why it is always useful to book yourself accommodation in one of the best quality hotels in Reading, such as Rainbows Lodge Hotel.

Things to Keep in Mind to Enjoy the Reading Festival Circa Waves is going to bring booze and denim to this festival and there are several new bands performing in each year’s event. The thrill of live music and the added attractions pull in thousands of people to the high quality business hotels in Reading. Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience:

Accommodation: The first thing to do once you have decided to participate in the festival is to look for places that are well connected and within your budget. Quality hotels in Reading offer warm hospitality and comfort, while being well connected to the important venues within town, including that of the festival. Getting something close to Reading Station could be a good idea too.

Shopping Centres: While you are in town, why not look for some souvenirs to take back home? The main shopping district is Broad Street, which is home to the Oracle Shopping Centre in the east and to Broad Street Mall in the west.

Healthcare Facilities: With huge crowds thronging to the city, accidents and the need for healthcare increases as well. What if there’s a stampede? After all, they aren’t unheard of at such events? The good news is that there are some leading healthcare institutions in town, such as the Reading Hospital.

Must Visit Places: And don’t miss out on some of the most interesting landmarks in town while you are attending the grand music festival. Check out the Maiwand Lion in Forbury Gardens, and go sightseeing to St Laurence’s Church, Reading Abbey, Abbey Gateway and Reading Minster. This city is rich in arts, with museums and art galleries that are definitely worth visiting. The famous Reading University can also be visited. You can also find good quality hotels in Reading close to the university.  And it isn’t too far from Reading Station. Business parks like Oracle Business Park and Green Park Reading also make for a fascinating tour. Business hotels in Reading can be found near these centres.

By: John