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Country/Town Visited: French Alps, Portes Du Soleil
Date of visit: Winter 2012/2013 and 2014
Tour or pre planned: Various – Self Catered apartments and catered chalets Pre- planned

One of the great things about the winter in Europe is the chance to get out and enjoy the snow. There are so many great ski resorts, but the one that I keep going back to is Portes Du Soleil in the French Alps. In fact it is made up of 14 individual resorts that are extremely well connected with ski lifts, gondolas and only the occasional bus route when needed. It is really close to Lake Geneva and spreads out on both sides of the border between France and Switzerland.

Here's some of the stats:

296 slopes: 28 black, 106 red, 127 blue, 35 green
194 lifts
400km2 area
11 snowparks, 4 boardercross
90 slopeside restaurants

As the numbers show, this resort is huge and offers something for every kind of skier or snowboarder. I started off on my first two trips as a snowboarder, and have been for the last three trips as a skier. As a snowboarder the button lifts can be a bit tricky to master, there are some narrow runs that can be difficult to take and there are several flatter runs that the skiers can make it through with some pushing on their poles, but snowboarders are left to unclip and walk. But there are a lot of off-piste areas for powder and some great snowparks to check out for the more experienced boarders.

The three resorts that I have stayed in are Les Gets, Morzine and Avoriaz all in the French side of Portes Du Soleil. They all offer something different and it depends on your budget and if your tip is more focused on serious skiing adventure or more on Apres-ski action!

In Les Gets we stayed in a catered chalet that we booked though
www.thechaletexperience.com who were fantastic. This resort is a bit more family focused, has great beginner slopes and accommodation can be a bit cheaper. Of course catered chalets cost more than the self catered option, but it was a very nice feeling to come off the slopes everyday and have a nice hearty meal cooked up for us. The food wasn’t exactly gourmet, but was just what was needed after a long day out in the snow.

Avoriaz on the other hand is a purpose-built ski resort which is much higher up in the mountains than Les Gets. This means that the skiing conditions right outside the front door are usually much better, and it is very quick in the mornings to jump on a chair lift and get up even higher before the crowds from the lower resorts catch up. It seems to be the most expensive of the resorts that we stayed in, but has a really nice atmosphere, as it’s car-free and uses a team of horse-drawn carts to get people and luggage about. We managed to find a good deal staying at the Antares Apartments which helped to bring the costs of the trip down, but the other apartments we have stayed in at Avoriaz have also been nice so it pays to search around for a good deal.

Morzine sits in a valley between Avoriaz and Les Gets, and in many other ways the resort kind of sits in between the two. This is actually an older town unlike the purpose-built Avoriaz, and so it has a lot of nice traditional restaurants as well as good nightlife. It is easy to head either towards Les Gets or Avoriaz for a good day out on the slopes. If you are looking for a bit more than just skiing for your holiday then I would recommend Morzine. They have a movie cinema, we watched an ice hockey match at the local stadium, and there is a good spa complex as well.

From all three of these resorts it is possible to do some nice day trips. We have had days on our trips where there has been not enough snow, but also times where there has been too much snow to get out on the slopes! On our last trip while staying in Morzine, we made a day trip down to Geneva where we walked around the city and on another day we went for a walk around one of the nearby lakes called Lake Montriond.

While out and about on the slopes there are so many great little spots to stop for a meal, hot chocolate or vin chaud! It’s great for keeping the energy levels up and with all the exercise you definitely feel like you have earned it. The food can be a bit pricey at times, so often we will take a packed lunch out with us. Luckily being in France the resorts have some great bakeries meaning you can get fresh baguettes every morning! One of my personal favourite spots to stop for lunch is in the deckchairs outside the Yeti restaurant at the top of Avoriaz. Their omelettes are awesome!

Getting there -The easiest way is to fly into Geneva Airport and then take a shuttle bus transfer to the resort that you are staying in. These can be booked in advance so that they are waiting for you when your flight arrives. If you are driving there, make sure that you take snow chains for the car as the conditions can change quickly and when it is icy the police won’t let you through unless you have chains on.

Skiing or snowboarding can be a very expensive trip as there are so many bits you need to pay for. Here’s how we normally do it to try and get the best deal:

Ski gear – We always book through
www.skiset.com as they often work out as one of the cheapest (make sure to search online for coupon codes for them!), but we have always had good experiences with them whenever gear has had a problem they fix it right up, or replace it as needed. If you are thinking of buying gear then you can ask them to rent out brand new gear for a day to try out. If you end up buying it, then they take off the cost of the rental.

Lift pass – These are always expensive. The only way really to get them cheap is to make the early bird booking a couple of months in advance to save 10% (
en.portesdusoleil.com). Also, some of the chalet companies can give a deal so it’s worth asking about if you are booking through one of these companies. There are two main options for the lift pass: the Portes Du Soleil area, or just the local area pass for where you are staying. If you are just a beginner or only planning a trip for a couple of days then the local area pass is probably enough, and can save you a lot of money.

Ski lessons – There are a couple of companies that run these, but by far the main one is ESF (
www.esf.net/en). We have had friends that have done week long group lessons with them as complete beginners and have come out able to ski blue runs by the end of the week with confidence. Also I have had a couple of 1-on-1 lessons where the instructors take you out for even just an hour, and I found that I improved a lot in this way.

Insurance – Think about getting insurance for the trip. Often when hiring gear it is possible to get insurance to cover theft or damage, you can get lift pass insurance and basically any other kind you can think of. But make sure you look into getting insurance that would cover emergency evacuation off the mountain. This can be very expensive if you need to be towed down on a stretcher or worse need a helicopter to pick you up. You never know what might happen out there!

The French Alps makes a great getaway over the cold winter months in Europe. If you have never been before, then I would really encourage you to give it a go. As a late starter myself, I have now caught the skiing bug and hope to head back every year.

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Would you recommend this destination: Yes
Overall rating destination:  4.5 out of 5

By: Brad

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Country/Town Visited: Great Ocean Road, Melbourne
Date of visit: February 2014
Tour or pre planned: Pre planned

The perfect drive equals the Great Ocean Road….

My partner and I recently did the great ocean road and we only allowed for 1 day, this was a mistake.  In hind sight I would recommend leaving at least a full 3 to 4 days to do this trip to the fullest.  We hired a car from East Coast car rentals in Melbourne city for a day, they are reasonably priced and are relaxed about the condition the car returns in (within reason). Only powered with our iPhones as a map, we made our journey from Melbourne to Geelong and then towards the first stop I would recommend. 

Torquay is a short 20 minute journey from Geelong, known as a world famous surfing town.  Here you will find sandy beaches, waves of great strength, and the start of the Great Ocean Road.  Also in this town is the home of Quicksilver, Piping Hot and Ripcurl.  Next stop is the famous great ocean road sign, a good place to capture the first photograph of the road ahead (see image below).

From this point forward it was hard to find a corner in the road where you would not see a beautiful cliff face and beach views.  Winding down the road for the next hour will take you to Lorne (my favourite part of the journey).  In the heat of summer, the waters of Lorne beach are crystal clear, with a low wave level and a great place to chill out and swim.  I regret not booking a hotel here to enjoy this spot further.  After a quick photo or two, we took a diversion to the right along the hilly road to take us to the Erskine Falls.  Here you can park and walk down a short stepped path to take you to the bottom of the falls.  The detour takes 20 mins each way, well worth it.

The next part of the great ocean road is probably the most spectacular, and dangerous.  The roads reach great heights and bend around the cliff faces.  Next stop Apollo Bay… here we took a quick bite of lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.  You have quite a few options to choose from including fish n chips.  Not much else to do here other than zip through.  After Apollo Bay is roughly an hours drive through the forest of the Great Otway National Park.  We chose to skip the light house at Cape Otway, but the tourist information guide did recommend it for a visit.

At the end of the forest you will finally reach the most famous part of the journey, the Twelve Apostles.  Here there are 3 main stops, first being the Apostles visitor centre.  This is the spot where you can grab a helicopter tour of the Twelve Apostles for extra expense.  We took the path out to the cliff edge and got some great shots of the weather torn pillars (see below).  They are a marvel of creation!!  Next stop is the Loch Ard Gorge.  Be careful not to miss it as the sign is very small, it’s only a 5 minute journey up the road from the visitor centre.  Here lies the famous story of the ship wreck were 2 Irish travellers survived a ship wreck offshore, killing 58 others.  If you have time this is a great place to chill out, with next to no wind and a great place to swim.

Final stop for us was the London Bridge.  Although the road continues, as we only left a day for the trip, the day was at an end and light was dimming.  The journey home takes a solid 3 hours’ drive.  The road back is found off the Great Ocean Road by turning left on the C164 at Port Campbell.

Key essentials when taking a hire car:
-          iPhone car charger
-          Aux cable to play music
-          A spare map in case 3G isn’t available
-          Planned stops along the way, marked on the map
-          Snacks for the journey

Enjoy your trip and any questions feel free to comment below

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Would you recommend this destination: Yes
Overall rating destination:  5 out of 5

By: Mark

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Country/Town Visited: Milford Sound Tour, New Zealand
Date of stay: January 2014
Tour or pre planned: Pre planned

We had never been to the Milford Sound before but had always wanted to go. We’d heard how it can be difficult to get to the Sound or have a good experience as it is very much weather dependent.

So our plan was to book a day tour through
www.bookme.co.nz (booking agent for a number of companies). Our tour cost $479 per adult and was a fly, cruise fly deal through Air Wakatipu. Basically this means you take a flight from Queenstown airport to the Milford Sound, then board a boat for a 1 & 1/2 hour cruise around the sound then fly back to Queenstown airport.

We had used Queenstown as our base to see the sights. On arrival we were greeted by cold, wet and windy conditions. Certainly not what we were expecting given that it was the middle of summer. We were quite worried we’d miss out on seeing the Sound. The morning of the tour we called Air Wakatipu to arrange our complimentary pick up and confirm the tour was still going ahead and fortunately luck was on our side. The day of our flight the weather could not have been better.

Air Wakatipu run a number of flights to the sound daily. Although we were told they had not been able to take tours for almost 3 & half weeks due to the weather conditions. The stats were something like 150 days per year that tours run. There’s also the option to take a bus tour but that takes about 8 hours from Queenstown (there and back), so the half hour flight from Queenstown is great if you’re short on time. Our friends have done the bus tour and have said that the scenery on the way there and back is certainly worth the extra time if you can.

PictureStanding by our plane (cessna ZK-ETN)
We had a 6 seater cessna, (the ZK-ETN) which looked small but seated the 5 of us quite comfortably (6 including the pilot). Our pilot was very informative and pointed out different land marks during the flight. Everyone has a headset to hear the commentary and safety equipment before departure.

The flight from Queenstown takes you over the Southern Alps providing amazing views of snow capped mountains, waterfalls and glaciers. As you climb up over the mountains you may experience some turbulence but nothing too crazy.

Our pilot escorted us from the small airport to the coach which took us to the Information/booking centre and boat tours (around 5 minute drive) The info centre was packed and being one of the best days in sometime you could understand why. The boat cruise takes you to the mouth of the sound where it meets the Tasman Sea and does a complete loop past countless waterfalls and mountains with commentary throughout with the history of the area. The sights are amazing and we were lucky enough to see a couple of seal colonies sunning on the rocks and a pod of dolphins. It’s such a magical spot and you really need to experience it at least once in your lifetime. At one point the boat took us extremely close to a large waterfall for some close up photos but beware of the mist, it will hit you fast and drench you. 

Overall we had an amazing time. Air Wakatipu have a number of other tours and these can be booked directly through their website.  Any questions feel free to comment below.

Top Tips: Don’t have a big breakfast before the flight, it can get a little bumpy which could upset your stomach and make sure you pack some mosquito repellent.

Rating system
Would you recommend this destination: Yes
Would you recommend your tour:  Yes  – Fly, cruise, fly tour with Air Wakatipu (www.airwakatipu.com)
Overall rating destination:  5 out of 5

By: Nick & Jackie

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Amour B&B, Queenstown, New Zealand

Sponsored Review

We’ve been to Queenstown a number of times and normally opted to stay at different hotels but this time around we decided to stay at the Amour B&B Queenstown. Amour means love in French and we definitely felt loved. Located less than 5 minutes drive from the main hub of Queenstown and around 10 minutes from Queenstown Airport it makes the perfect base to explore the city.

The owner and your host during your stay is Rose (image below) who was lovely. She was very friendly and truly loves meeting new people and will make you feel right at home.

The B&B has a range of facilities, tv in your room, wifi internet, airport pickups (by arrangement with Rose), spa pool  (overlooking the deck and lake views),  small gym with exercise bike,  a number of seating area’s to relax and read a book while taking in the million dollar views. We came back to the B&B in the late afternoon one day and decided to relax on one of the outdoor decks with a coffee (Rose has great espresso machine). Later that day we joined Rose and a couple of the other guests in the lounge to share our travelling experiences over a glass of wine. I can honestly say that the views from both of these spots in the house was breath taking. What was interesting, is that Rose’s friend told us that this is the ugliest the views get… that is, rolling hills, mountains and a beautiful blue green lake. Apparently it’s particularly striking when there is snow on the ground or capping the mountains.

Rose has 2 really lovely maltese dogs. They aren’t allowed up in the guest rooms and I assume that she would keep the out of the common areas if you were allergic or not a dog lover. We found Austin and Lucy adorable and extremely friendly. My wife was missing our dogs so she lapped up the opportunity to cuddle Lucy.

Staff: Rose was very helpful and friendly, only to happy to help and offer ideas of things to do and see.

Room: The Amour has two rooms to choose from, the master room with king bed, ensuite and private deck overlooking the lake. The second room can accommodate three single beds or a king and single and has an ensuite with private lounge.

Location: 5 minutes drive to the main streets of Queenstown for food and shops.                                                                                                                                                                   

Breakfast: Cooked breakfast between 7-9am, included bacon & eggs, coffee, cereal, toast, yogurt and fruit salad. There was also a range of spreads with tea and coffee and juices.                                                                                                                                                    

Rating:  5 out of 5

For things to see and do see our Queenstown Travel Guide.

By: Nick & Jackie

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Gordon Country Camping Review:  Goomburra, Queensland, Australia
Date of stay: December 2013
Tour or pre planned: Pre planned

If you love camping then Gordon Country is definitely one place worth considering. Located only 2 & ½ hours from Brisbane, it makes  the perfect spot for a camping holiday to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We recently spent 3 days there and its one place we’ll definitely be visiting again in the future. There’s over 4000 acres to explore with  12 different camping sites and 6 cabins that can sleep from 4 to 8 people.

Banshee ValleyOur camp site - Banshee Valley
We opted to set up camp in the Banshee Valley area, there’s lots of open space, clean flushable toilets but no showers. We initially drove through the other camp sites but found that they were a little too busy for our liking. We were looking for a spot without other campers in earshot as we had a bigger group. We found a spot in walking distance to the toilet block and creek but we were a little disappointed to see that the creek bed was stone dry.  We also needed to position our tents around the cow poo so it’s a good idea to bring a shovel, adds to the camping experience you could say.

Click on the following link to see the different camping areas on offer,
Gordon Country Camping Sites. *Note some camping sites will require 4x4 vehicle access*

Below we’ve listed some tips and advice and basic information about the camp grounds.

Gordon Country SignGordon Country first sign
Located in Southeast Queensland, only 2 & ½ hours from Brisbane, see the google map below for exact location. Address details: 1847 Inverramsey  Road, Goomburra, 4362.

As you drive along Inverramsey Road you will come to a large black and yellow Gordon Country sign, do not stop here, this is the owners residence (we made this mistake) there’s a red arrow on the sign saying follow the signs but this was hard to see. The camp ground office and shop is further down the road, about a 5 minute drive.

Some of the camping areas have hot showers and flushable toilets (see the website for further details), we chose to use the hot showers at the office site which was about a 10minute drive from the Banshee Valley camp. They also sell milk, ice, bread, ice creams and bags of firewood here. Fires are permitted at your camp site and we collected our own firewood but definitely needed our small chainsaw and axe. There’s plenty of 4x4 tracks to explore if you have a 4x4 vehicle and some tracks are accessible by 2x2 vehicles (normal cars).

Camping costs $15 per night and there’s a $10 vehicle surcharge and $25 per 4wd on arrival, children under 4 are free and dogs are also welcome but must be kept quiet.  Cabins range from $80 and there’s also powered camping sites, see the website for Tariff details.

Gordon Country is a working cattle farm and there’s plenty of cows around the grounds, there’s also horses although we did not see any. Other animals we spotted we’re lace monitors (Goanna’s) parrots and other various birds.

Any questions feel free to comment below.

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Would you recommend this destination: Yes
Overall rating destination:  4 out of 5

By: Nick

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Dubai International Airport: Stop Over/Transit Information

Be prepared to be amazed at the shear size of the Dubai International Airport. Yet do not be daunted by the prospect as they built this airport to be the best in the world. Here are some key points to remember if you find yourself having a connecting flight/stop over through this airport:

Weeks before you take off make sure to check how long the wait is for your connecting flight.

"Here's so
me tips and advice if you find yourself at Dubai International Airport during a stop over"
  • If your stay is longer than 4 hours your airline must give you a free food voucher to use in one of the many food courts. Emirates is the dominant airline for this airport and the desk you want to locate is usually located on the upper floor immediately after going through security to the departure lounge.
  • If your stay is longer than 8 hours then “the airline is required to provide you with free hotel accommodation and transport for the duration of your wait”. Please make sure to check into the free hotel on your airlines website 24 hours or more before the flight takes off (I made this mistake on my first flight with Emirates, they will not allow you to check in inside the 24 hours prior to departure and you will have to endure the wait at the airport).  The free transport is found at the exit of the terminal, make sure to collect your voucher before you leave the airport at the airline desk.

Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport is the main terminal used for International connections. In this terminal there are 3 sections/concourses, labelled A, B and C, each with their own duty free and food courts.
Yes the terminals are very long, however there is numerous escalators for walking to speed things up are everywhere.

The terminal design and layout looks very luxurious from the inside. Each terminal includes a hotel and spa inside. The history of the airport and the city of Dubai is displayed into the walls and on display via video in concourse C.

Each terminal has it's own garden with water features and seats for tranquil spots to read, see image below. For the Duty free products, they are priced in US dollars and UAE Dirhams. Prices are not exactly cheap, and you will find a lot of high end fashion stores in the malls.

Sleep pods are available in each terminal if you want to catch some quick zzz's.  They are booked by the hour, and the minimum booking is 2 hours at a cost of $16 US per hour.

Recliner seats are hard to come by in the terminal.  They are mostly found at the gates. Most people on a long stay will hog these chairs and claim more than one chair with their luggage.  I found them good for trying to get a quick nap. 

Information on the flights and the airport layout is very easy to find, they seem to have thousands of staff littered across the terminal with vests showing the "I" symbol.  There are many info screens located in each concourse (with touch screen features and directional arrows). Help desks and staff close by also.

If you're staying longer in Dubai click on the following link for Dubai Travel Reviews.

By: Mark

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Another side to Benidorm: Spain

Thousands of people flock to Benidorm each year and return time and time again. With sun, sea, sand and plenty of sangria, who could blame them? This legendary party town has a reputation that proceeds it, but it's not all kiss me quick hats and fish and chips. You can do Benidorm in style, should you choose to add a little luxury to your trip while still enjoying everything this action packed town has to offer.

Benidorm is brimming full of activities and amenities to keep you entertained throughout your holiday. You could stay here for a month (and many do) and still not be bored. You’ll find four of the biggest theme parks in Europe within easy reach, six big clubs, a whole host of bars, restaurants, theatres and show bars offering every type of entertainment you can possibly imagine from drag acts to karaoke, water parks, golf courses, two great beaches and, of course, lots of lovely Spanish sunshine! What more could you want?

As for the
hotels in Benidorm there is such a huge choice, from family friendly apartments to luxury hotels ideal for couples - and with 60,000 hotel rooms available in this sprawling holiday resort, you're sure to find one that is just perfect for you.

Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique Gourmet
This fabulous 5* hotel situated in tropical gardens overlooking the beaches of Benidorm is comfortable and elegant, offering the personal service you would expect from a small luxury hotel. With both al fresco and inside dining in the hotel restaurant, specialising in fresh local dishes, a seafront bar, pool, wellness centre and superior rooms and suites, this is a little bit of luxury within this amazing boutique resort.

Sol Pelicarnos Ocas Hotel
If you're a fan of the sitcom Benidorm, you simply must visit this hotel. Much of the series was filmed here and you'll certainly recognise the gorgeous pool, swim up bar and the façade of the hotel. You'll be pleasantly surprised that the rooms are of a much higher standard than in the TV programme, and its just 300m from Levante beach. For little one’s there's the fantastic Flinstones Land in which kids can enjoy sports, activities and lots of stone age style fun, as well as a separate kids dining area in one of the restaurants, Flintstones themed of course - and lots more besides.

No matter where you stay in Benidorm, you're sure to come to love this rather misunderstood Spanish holiday resort. Try it – you might just like it!

By: Cathy

Country/Town visited: Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India
Date of stay: Aug 2013
Tour or pre planned: Pre planned

Manali reminds me a little of those tales of Shangri-La. It's a peaceful little town hidden in a river valley in the Himalayas and we'd arrived after two days of travel from Leh. After being bounced up and down by 4WD through the mountains, Manali was exactly what we needed. It's a fantastic place to chill out and get your groove back after the hectic pace of India.

It's a total hippie town, especially old Manali. Think guys and girls with dreads, Bob Marley playing everywhere and oh yea, weed. Lots and lots and lots. Wherever there's a patch of grass you can expect to see a few plants growing. As you can imagine, everyone also sells it. I don't believe that it's legal in India, but Christ, how would you stop it?

We stayed at the
Drifters Inn and would recommend staying there, staff were friendly and the Inn has free wifi. See the website for more details.

A French guy we met was telling us that for three months when the plants are budding, everyone in town gathers the buds and rolls them between their hands to make hash. So for three months out of every year, every person in town is stoned. FOR THREE MONTHS! I can only imagine that the amount of food consumed during that time increases.

For a place to chill, meet people and just hang out, I would highly recommend Toasted and Roasted. It's also commonly called Dylans. It's located in Old Manali and anybody will be able to point you in the right direction. They have the best coffee and AMAZING chocolate chip cookies. You must try the cookies.

Manali has plenty of outdoor activities such as paragliding, bush walking, white water rafting, etc. So if the weathers good, there is a lot you can entertain yourself with. My friends and I didn’t do anything too strenuous but we were pretty buggered after the jeep ride and the weather wasn’t great.

If you're looking to escape for a little while, or even a long while, a place to get a little bit lost, Manali should definitely be considered :)

Rating system
Would you recommend this destination: Yes
Would you recommend your hotel/hostel: Yes – Drifters Inn
Overall rating destination: 5 out of 5

By: Kim
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Story Bridge Review: Brisbane, Australia

"The Story Bridge in Brisbane" connects Fortitude Valley to Kangaroo Point (Northern Suburbs to the Southern Suburbs) and it’s the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. It was also designed by the same engineer who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge (John Bradfield).

Your climb starts at Bridge Climb headquarters located under the Story Bridge on the Kangaroo Point side and opposite the Kangaroo Point Hotel (perfect for a pub lunch or beer after the climb). Your guide for the climb will spend a bit of time discussing the ins and outs, allocate you a track suit and gear you up with headsets & other safety equipment before you depart for the bridge. Your first stop is on the platform beneath the bridge and above you can hear the cars thundering past, your guide will tell you about the history before you make your way up a step set of stairs. The climb overall takes roughly 2 ½ hours with stops throughout to learn about the history, iconic sites as well as the token photo shot.

As mentioned there are some steep sections during the climb but overall it’s not too difficult. I’ve done a few bridge climbs in the past and this one I found quite easy compared to others, if you’re scared of  heights then this will get the heart pounding but to be honest I did not even look down more than twice as I found myself to busy looking around at all the sites, a perfect distraction. A few people in our group who were scared of heights said the trick was not to look down through the bridge floor gaps.

Once at the top you’ll be 80m above sea level and it’s a great spot for some photos 360* views

Cost: A general day climb costs $99, see the website for more information and pricing

Points to highlight:
A blood alcohol reading will be taken before you depart  for the climb. Make sure you leave the pub visit until after the climb otherwise you won’t be allowed to climb the bridge. All equipment will be supplied and changing rooms with lockers are available to keep valuables safe, be sure to wear safe footwear and on a hot day be sure to slip slop and slap that sun cream on.

Overall this is a great activity to do while on vacation and the views are amazing, any questions please feel free to comment below.

Rating system: 
Would you recommend this tour: Yes
Overall rating: 4/5

By: Nick

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